The goal of biofeedback therapy is to realize and accept the fact we are the creator of our experiences, regardless of the situations and circumstances. Biofeedback is a practice that enables an individual to learn to change some physiological and emotional activities for the purpose of reducing stress to improve health. Stress is not a disease, it is a symptom of how well one can metabolize and process the choices one has made in the past.

Services cost $90-$125

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I love Lily, Adan & the staff. Wonderful place. Reasonably priced. Great results with acupuncture. Everyone there is so kind, I felt so welcomed.


Lily and the staff and unity are so friendly and helpful. Once I walk through the doors I feel a sense of ease and positive energy.  Highly recommended!

Capm P.

Been coming for a year plus now.  Great staff, very friendly, I highly recommend this place.  Everyone is so positive and helpful.  I always float out when I leave.